Zee Jay Digital Launches Unified Marketing Transformation™ Framework

PROVIDENCE, RI (Aug. 8, 2018)—Zee Jay Digital today announced the launch of its Unified Marketing Transformation™ framework, a tool that helps chief marketing officers define the operating structure they need to succeed in today’s complex digital world.

“The CMO’s reach across the organization and impact on the customer experience is driving the need to transform the way marketing gets done,” said Eric Rotkow, managing director of Zee Jay. “This newly updated framework emphasizes operating model visualization to show how the marketing organization should think about change, enabling leadership to successfully embark on the transformation journey.”

While digital transformation context has been set by the intelligentsia, i.e. McKinsey and BCG, the structure marketing needs to manage in a state of perpetual change has been under-defined until now. Zee Jay’s strategic-yet-actionable framework accommodates the evolution of customer behavior, technology and capabilities to allow marketing to thrive.

See full press release here.

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