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Marketers aren’t strangers to technology. Creative, project management, admin, budgeting & finance, and executive teams use scores of solutions every day. From MRM to CRM, marketing depends on automation to do their jobs.

In fact most marketing teams already have as much tech as they need. But, it doesn’t always work like it should. Lack of integration between solutions, among adjacent organizations, and within the enterprise keeps marketing from making the impact it could.

At Zee Jay, we liken these situations where the promise of technology isn’t realized to a chocolate chip cookie. Think of point solutions in the organization as chocolate chips. Each delivers as advertised: Every app has the functionality it’s supposed to, just like every chip delivers the good taste you expect.

The CMO’s reach across the enterprise and impact on the customer experience drives the need to transform the way marketing gets done. Zee Jay Digital’s transformation framework fills gaps left by other consulting firms and thought leaders—defining structure needed to compete in the digital age.

Trouble is, in the marketing technology ecosystem, all solutions need to work as one. What’s lacking is the dough that holds them together. When you put that in—the means of integrating each component—you end up with a whole that lets you get the most out of investments you’ve already made.

Zee Jay Digital helps you create a cohesive stack that lets you spend less time on redos, redundant work and catch up, and more time delivering personalized experiences your customers are looking for.

Architectural Vision
Envision a marketing stack that meets needs now—and adapts to increasing digitization demands of the future.
Technology Selection (RFx)
How you choose a solution makes or breaks your effort. Weighing technical advantage, business benefits and ROI takes expertise, experience and discipline.
Training & Enablement
Users adopt to change quicker when they’re trained on the job. Custom curriculum, user-based learning and continuous reinforcement bring your people up to speed fast.

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