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Life Sciences

Strengthen enterprise and customer relationships

Healthcare providers and pharma and biotech organizations operate in an environment defined by changing regulations, aging populations, declining barriers-to-entry—and a pandemic. These forces drive need for innovative ways to engage patients and buyers, and better compete. Zee Jay draws on learnings from industries that have already navigated digital disruption and regulatory scrutiny to enable winning experiences.

A holistic methodology breaks down longstanding silos by recasting how content/design creation gets done to deliver on the intended customer experience.

We put life sciences clients’ operating model design to work for them to:

  • Decouple sales collateral, marketing promotions and other content.
  • Eliminate silos/build bridges between product/service teams and the marketing/production teams that serve them.
  • Assess outsourcing non-core fulfillment capabilities and other work.
  • Design end-to-end processes to coordinate work flow across internal and external teams.

Case Study: Life Sciences

When FMCNA decided to implement Workfront, it sought
a partner with integration and industry expertise.

The leading healthcare provider chose Zee Jay for services including integrating its marketing
technology stack and integrating life sciences compliance solution Veeva Vault.

Financial Services

Increase engagement, and better compete

Wealth management, retail banking, institutional banking and insurance are industries in flux. Financial services marketing, once focused on sales-led initiatives and sales support, is now driven to deliver meaningful experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Zee Jay consultants have deep financial services expertise. We understand that designing an operating model that defines how content flows across the organization results in ability to produce repeatable, timely deliverables. A well-defined global footprint balances regionally placed roles and tasks for speed and relevancy. Delivering the right content, at the right time, in the normal course of business is the goal.

We put financial services clients’ operating model design to work for them to:

  • Bridge disconnected investment and product perspectives with frontline content creators.
  • Embed FINRA, SEC compliance practices, and automate where possible.
  • Create shared views of customer experience for institutional, advisor, and retail segments.
  • Enable customer journeys that cross product and LOB boundaries.
  • Shift mindsets to embrace flexibility.
  • Organize global messaging frameworks for regional variation.
  • Assess outsourcing of non-core fulfillment capabilities.


Elevate your organization to omni-channel

Big box, apparel, fashion, department and discount stores may be in different stages of operational maturity, but most grapple with consumer engagement and organizational challenges. The goal is to elevate marketing beyond price promotion to campaign storytelling, while designing shared workflows for product development and merchandising.

Clients count on Zee Jay’s experience and expertise. With an understanding of the historical interdependence between marketing and merchandising, the team designs the operating model to unify the organization. Based on mission, values and goals, a shared view of capabilities is created that maps out how marketing best serves merchandising and stores.

We put your operating model design to work to:

  • Connect online and offline touchpoint managers.
  • Recast seasonal planning processes to be common across marketing, merchandising and other areas.
  • Build processes that emanate from a single direction for high-quality omni-channel programming.
  • Modernize accounting practices for forward-looking decision making.
  • Define content standards for assets to flow across channel partners and vendors.


Reduce time to value, boost ROI via delivery model change

Perhaps no industry’s been more impacted by digital disruption than grocery. With more at-home food consumption; soaring demand for omni-channel experiences (e.g. curbside pickup); and fierce competition, supermarket chains see the need to transform operations.

Grocery merchants turn to Zee Jay Digital to help modernize, relying on our consultants to help them scale and compete in a digital world. Now it’s more important than ever to do what it takes to win shoppers and keep them loyal. Delivering personalized experiences is essential.

We put grocery clients’ operating model design to work for them to:

  • Connect corporate strategy with marketing/merchandising workflow.
  • Align all areas of marketing—from brand and lifecycle marketing, merchandising, creative and print services and channel activation—to measurement, analytics and insights.
  • Optimize how cross-channel campaign processes need to work.
  • Integrate core and adjacent technology to automate flow of work—and provide visualization into the process.

Case Study: Grocery

How Kroger achieved super marketing capabilities.

Grocery chain takes an aggressive and flexible approach to transforming its large, multi-brand and cross-channel marketing organization, despite a pandemic.


Align sales and marketing to capitalize on new opportunities

Align sales and marketing to capitalize on new opportunities
Mature and emerging manufacturing sectors are embracing digital transformation. The importance of aftermarket sales, e-commerce and direct selling, and asset intelligence/IoT create new revenue streams and reveal opportunities for innovation.

For business buyers, modern digital touchpoints are a must. They need product and competitive information online; they want to engage via the website; and they value video. To get there requires defined marketing strategies, dedicated marketing teams, bigger budgets, and a combination of in-sourced and outsourced capabilities. For newly disrupted industries, Zee Jay Digital draws on learnings from more mature industries that’ve already navigated similar disruption and changes in buyer preferences.

We put our manufacturing clients’ operating model design to work for them to:

  • Apply customer experience and journey concepts to selling approaches.
  • Elevate the role of segment and channel marketing to drive go-to-market strategies.
  • Establish and sustain foundational marketing automation capabilities.
  • Design end-to-end processes to coordinate planning flow and content creation across internal and external teams.

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