A reflective look at business
as we start the new year

By Eric Rotkow, Managing Director and Founder, Zee Jay Digital

Zee Jay Digital took flight in 2017. We were (and are) a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty kind of organization. Lean and scrappy some say, and we consider that a compliment. While the sandbox we play in has changed and will continue to evolve, our essence will not.

Stability in Flight

Our Adobe Workfront clients—100+ of them and counting—thrive on our practical approach to doing what we do. We’ve always been equipped with management consulting and marketing transformation chops, but we’re also known for our straightforward, friendly approach. Zee Jay’s Workfront implementations strike the right balance of business rigor, change management application, technology expertise, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Our engagements are not always easy, but the methodology is. We invest in our clients even before they procure our services, and we’re easy to engage and onboard (attorneys rarely required 😊). We remove the fear and uncertainty associated with new ways of working. We offer the sophistication (lift) of global SIs, but without cumbersome engagement (drag).

While our team doesn’t necessarily change lives, our business analysts, solution architects, and project managers do take a lot of pride in watching client’s professional lives take a dramatic turn for the better. In this time of COVID and political roller coasters, this is our promise to those we serve.

Spreading Our Wings

The people of Zee Jay are fundamentally marketing and digital operations consultants, and have chosen to support the best technology game in town: Adobe. In the last year, we’ve advanced from all things Workfront, to now delivering sharp work management expertise to those committed to an Adobe platform. The technology advantages for our clients are as exciting as they are too expansive to fully discuss here.

In summary, Adobe is impressively and expediently blurring the lines between a workflow platform and the many upstream and downstream systems marketers need to build and sustain customer relationships, therein offering the most valuable marketing experience on the planet.

As we bring these innovations to clients, we continue to aggressively build our team with top talent, scale our high quality delivery models, innovate client operating models, partner with new Adobe channel friends, and automate, automate, automate.

Zee Jay and the technology we deliver have arrived.

Feathering the Nest

As we reflect on the past and look forward to the future, we are thankful to our valued clients and remain committed to keeping them happy.

It has been a CRAZY couple years, for sure. Despite pandemic and polarization, we’ve carefully maintained valued client relationships and delivered quality in a rapidly changing landscape. With trust, hard work, and commitment to sincere partnership, we sustain and thrive together.

I personally want to acknowledge our amazing (and growing) group of talented Zee Jay team members. Our organization is fortunate to be able to attract the industry’s best—and keep them.

Finally, all of us at Zee Jay Digital would like to recognize Adobe Workfront as a stand-out partner. We value the many productive professional and personal relationships we’ve forged at this fine organization, appreciate the generous support we receive, and are privileged to work alongside this awesome group of people.

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