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Act on customer data across technologies to personalize experiences

Zee Jay Digital helps define and orchestrate your marketing and portfolio management stack with one goal in mind: Personalized engagement at scale.

If your battleground is the customer experience, you need to accelerate content and asset creation. Your success depends on ability to integrate data, coordinate cross-team planning, evaluate projects in real time, incorporate AI, and automate tasks across the managers and front line teams who manage interconnected touchpoints.

We meet you where you’re at

As processes, applications and data converge, so do functional areas. And, as the customer experience transcends the enterprise, so does the Zee Jay point-of-view of consolidated technology. Marketing and IT now hold the platform on which you plan and activate across channels.

The Zee Jay team includes marketing and creative technologists, digital strategists, coaches and program managers who understand:

  • The breadth of available technology and how they work together.
  • Your packaged application brings AI advantages.
  • Most enterprises have a mix of best-of-breed and platform technologies.
  • Your marketing and portfolio management stacks have to support all types of work: Agile, waterfall, fixed-repeatable, and others.
  • The importance of getting value out of technology you already have.
  • The power of change management for successful implementation, user adoption and continuous performance enhancement.

Technologies supported by the Zee Jay team

Work Management

Centralizes work on a single automated platform. One view streamlines intake and output, putting strategy into action.

Planning & Budgeting

Manages marketing investments to drive performance, increase ROI—and gain insights to improve results.

Resource Management

Enables marketers to act on data across people and projects to maintain control and make smart decisions.

Digital Asset & 
Content Management (DAM)

Empowers teams to create high-impact, measurable, and consistent brand experiences.


Boosts marketing team productivity through automation of fixed/repeatable and custom processes.

Data Visualization & bI

Allows access to data intelligence that helps you understand your customers—and market accordingly.

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