Welcome Eden Kellner

Welcome Eden Kellner

Zee Jay Digital + MERGE is pleased to make it known that Eden Kellner, MBA, CCMP, has joined the firm as Senior Solutions Architect. Eden joins forces with fellow team members to help enterprise and high-growth organizations leverage the full potential of Content Supply Chain solutions—including Adobe Workfront. The goal? To drive successful change initiatives and optimize processes for sustainable growth and success.

“Eden comes to Zee Jay with an outstanding track record of clients who she’s helped thrive,” said Eric Rotkow, EVP Platforms. “In Eden, clients see consultants who could not be more invested in their personal and business success.”

Zee Jay Digital, an Adobe Gold Partner with Workfront specialization, was recently acquired by MERGE, a premium storytelling technology company seeking to expand its platform capabilities.

Eden’s super powers include leading organizational transformations, driving adoption of new systems and processes, and fostering a culture of change readiness. Most recently a Professional Service Senior Consultant with Adobe Workfront, Eden is proficient at conducting change impact assessments, developing change management plans, and executing communication strategies to ensure seamless transitions. In addition, she’s well-versed at analyzing and re-engineering existing processes to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and make operations more effective.

Eden’s known for ability to provide one-on-one executive coaching to leaders, so they can develop and enhance their leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and strategic decision-making.

“I’m passionate about delivering value to my clients, exceeding their expectations, and building the productive, long-lasting relationships that work for the good of all involved,” she said.

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