Transcend Enterprise Operations

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Integrate tech you already have


Automate repeatable rule-driven process decisions that need to be right: Compliance/finance approval, delivery workflows, assignments.


Enhance user experience to drive adoption of OOTB tech and maximize ROI, with fewer clicks, more intuitive experiences, seamless process.


Reduce time spent on mundane, repeatable tasks: Downloading/uploading documents between systems, completing spreadsheets, changing task status or searching.


Synchronize information among systems to make it easily available; set procedures to deliver distributed data to a centralized system of record to enable BI solutions.

Increase engagement, and better compete

What's missing is the chassis

Just like a car needs a chassis to hold it together, a technology ecosystem needs a structure to connect components. The load-bearing framework for today’s digital workplace is a work management solution with integration capabilities.

By design, Adobe Workfront + Workfront Fusion is a work management foundation that threads together tools and technology you already have.

With the foundation in place, you have an operational platform to fuel the customer experience and manage teams and suppliers seamlessly.

Adobe platform

Get more benefit from the Adobe platform

In the same way Adobe grew from marketing to transcend the customer experience, Adobe Workfront + Workfront Fusion transcends the enterprises’ operations through the emerging lens of digital ops.


Integrating best-of-breed solutions

From DAM to MA, from CDP to Performance Management, most large companies have all the tech they need. So what’s the problem? The solutions aren’t integrated in a contemporary way. Adobe Workfront + Workfront Fusion make it possible to connect any tool with a REST or SOAP API to streamline the marketing supply chain—and enhance the customer and employee experience.

Building best-of-breed partnerships

Zee Jay Digital’s the go-to partner for enterprise marketing and IT process and technology transformations.

  • We partner with leaders in respective tech categories.
  • Our integration approaches are honed over years.
  • Clients reach out (and refer us) because we’re advocates for them (and not beholden to software vendors).

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