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Organizational Transformation

Break down silos, boost accountability

Change is hard. Knowing where to start isn’t always clear.

Zee Jay Digital helps you reconceive how marketing is structured to better compete. We work with marketing leaders to sort through the complex mix of decisions needed to make sure marketing works like it should.

  • What capabilities are needed now? In the future?
  • Which should be in-sourced, and which should be outsourced?
  • How should teams be organized?
  • How does marketing interact with adjacent functions?
  • How does the global footprint accommodate speed, scale and relevancy?
The CMO’s reach across the enterprise and impact on the customer experience drives the need to transform the way marketing gets done. Zee Jay Digital’s transformation framework fills gaps left by other consulting firms and thought leaders—defining structure needed to compete in the digital age.

Replace silos with collaborative teams. Group individuals based on the nature of their work. Assure resources are available. Keep everyone accountable. Organization, reporting structures and role design play a big part in your ability to keep up with change.

Organizational Design

Define roles and reporting relationships of everyone in your organization to keep them productive and accountable.

In-House Agency Design

Determine types of creative, account and ops individuals needed to structure your internal agency to optimize service, productivity.

Partner & Agency Ecosystem

Strike the right balance between in-house and out-sourced team members to make sure resources are available.

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