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“You can’t manage what you can’t measure…” as true today as when Peter Drucker said it

Zee Jay offers a practical way for managers and executives to build sustainable BI solutions. Our approach involves marrying our clients’ level of maturity with availability technologies and KPIs—across the 4Vs—to actively manage the content supply chain.

A la Big Data, a framework to unify digital operations

The straight-through, low tolerance operating model required in our changing world requires a forward-thinking way to define goals and measure results. 

The convergence of ops teams across the enterprise makes measurement increasingly difficult, as no single team has the influence and systems to gauge performance of the content supply chain that fuels the CX. To yield operational insights, you need more modern methods.

The 4Vs of Digital Operations

  • Activity metrics—volume, velocity, variety—give managers and team members data and insights with which to adjust operations to meet goals.
  • Activity metrics help identify “hot spots”—programs, processes, or teams—where performance or quality is more or less than expected.
  • Activity metrics, when combined with costs and revenues, contribute to an understanding of the value that marketing investment brings to the organization, a measure that is routinely challenged and questioned by those outside of marketing.
Path to Performance and Personalization at Scale

Operational KPIs are often overlooked. But success may be achieved by building on a Work Management solution adjacency by adjacency. As the stack is integrated, data is unified and new insights revealed to boost efficiency and scale. It is achievable.

The 4Vs of Digital Ops give us the means to evaluate the shift in today’s marketing, to start talking about it, to understand what it means and to take action: Improving and expanding marketing capabilities; making processes more efficient; using technology to increase effectiveness; and putting customers first. 

Reach out and learn more about how you can optimize your reporting and business intelligence capabilities. 

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