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Operational Transformation

Converge, collaborate, compete

How does marketing get done? That’s a big question that needs to be answered before technology work begins. From planning to delivery, a systematic approach to projects takes the chaos away.
  • Where does the information come from?
  • What are roles required to complete work?
  • What processes make sense for you, i.e. waterfall, scrum, Kanban?
  • What procure-to-pay steps need automating?
  • What channels do you need to employ?
  • What strategic objectives/SLAs are there for executing requests from internal customers?
The CMO’s reach across the enterprise and impact on the customer experience drives the need to transform the way marketing gets done. Zee Jay Digital’s transformation framework fills gaps left by other consulting firms and thought leaders—defining structure needed to compete in the digital age.

Make a high quality process your center of gravity

As important as the concept of process-first is to successfully transform your operations, making sure not to over-engineer is key. Developing a process that looks like spaghetti doesn’t help meet your goals.

Zee Jay Digital understands that done right, high-level process is what it takes to accommodate marketing’s need for flexibility and its iterative ways. Minimizing detail means people who need to follow processes do.

Well-designed process keeps marketers focused on common goals, so they work faster and smarter. From planning to delivery, systematically approaching projects streamlines marketing creation, nips problems while they’re small, and helps you take advantage of every opportunity.

Using a mix of Agile and waterfall, Zee Jay consultants take their understanding of what makes marketing tick, with sensitivity to the personalities of those who make marketing happen.

Agile Transformation
Incorporate Agile workflows into your marketing that continually deploy teams and technology to engage customers.
Marketing Operations
Build a foundation for excellence that helps you execute operational best practices.
Revenue Operations
Break down silos between marketing, sales and service by sharing data, information and insights to optimize your CX.
IT/PMO Transformation
Make the shift from methodology-driven project execution to value-driven business outcomes.

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