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Blend your business, operations and technology strategies into vision and execution. Your ability to structure, operate and compete in a digital world is our reason for being. Let us help you fuel your CX.

The way we think

The majority of companies today have a manufacturing mindset, with linear processes that perpetuate silos.

What drives needed change? Agile transformation, by brute force, is expensive and risky. Other approaches, like Six Sigma, org design and value chains, don’t address today’s digital-world challenges.

Responding to the free flow of data and use of common applications across the enterprise is the answer.

The blurring of lines between teams within the organization is something to be acknowledged.

Your ability to manage this change and measure performance depends on your ability to share information and technology throughout the business.


Today, brands compete on relationships. The marketing organization—and the processes and technologies that support it—require simplicity, consistency, and transparency to succeed. Helping you connect every link of the marketing supply chain to drive customer connection is what we do.


Buyer interactions are converging. To respond, marketing organizations and their agencies must converge as well.
Here’s what convergence will look like:
Seamless operational experiences are necessary to support personalized customer experiences—the north star of every business leader out there.
The CMO’s reach across the organization and impact on the CX drives need to transform how marketing gets done. Zee Jay’s Marketing Operating Model Design defines structure required to compete in the digital age.
Tech System
Transcend your enterprise by integrating tech you already have. Adobe Workfront and Adobe Workfront Fusion is the framework that lets Zee Jay clients get more benefit from the Adobe platform and best-of-breed solutions.

How We Respond

Break down silos, in favor of customer engagement

Our approach creates the flexibility to change without disruption. We advocate:
Marketing is the driver of the customer experience
Thoughtful design of a technology ecosystem is the only way to realize value from a complicated martech landscape.
New process and management approaches are needed to equip marketing leaders in the new normal
The ultra-connected consumers’ preferences are always right

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