In-House Agency: On Course With Zee Jay Digital

In-House Agency: On Course With Zee Jay Digital

After four years of using Adobe Workfront, a 3,000-employee non-profit association's in-house agency had achieved meaningful improvements in data collection and project management. The ability to quantify projects, assets, hours, and clients served was making a real difference in the efficiency of the organization.

In 2022, leadership made the strategic decision to take steps needed to take advantage of the work management tool’s potential to provide even more benefit. Strengths inherent in the system weren’t being fully utilized and needed to be tapped to increase ROI.

The organization partnered with two-time Workfront Partner of the Year Zee Jay Digital to assess how the solution was being used, develop a vision going forward—and create a roadmap defining actions required to close the gap between current and desired states.

Learn how this organization was able to:

  • Automate remaining manual processes.
  • Integrate adjacent solutions.
  • Give marketing ability to get more quality work done faster than ever before.
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