Zee Jay Digital Launches Agency Services Practice

Introducing Adobe Workfront Implementation for External Marketing, PR, and Advertising Agencies

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (May 4, 2022)—Zee Jay Digital today announced the launch of a new practice focused on agencies. Long known in the industry for providing work management implementation and integration services to marketing and creative organizations of all types, the two-time Adobe Workfront Partner of the Year is now carving out a focused practice to meet the needs of external marketing, PR, and advertising agencies that serve multiple clients.

“Internal and external agencies operate in fundamentally different ways,” said Eric Rotkow, Zee Jay’s managing director and founder. He notes that outside agencies need a combination of work management solutions and project management to manage both the strategic and day-to-day operations of their clients. “The fact that the agency is an end-to-end service provider, as opposed to an internal shared services team, requires specific expertise to make sure Workfront and financial systems are optimally configured and integrated.”

“Zee Jay’s team includes Workfront specialists who’ve spent time on the front lines in agency environments,” Rotkow added. “That hands-on experience coupled with our Adobe Workfront know-how is a winning combination.”

The ability to accommodate business operations and multiple-client portfolios while taking into account the unique needs of each client takes a balanced approach to Workfront implementation and integration. Understanding where, when, and why flexibility is needed is paramount to an optimal deployment of the platform in an agency setting.
Additional insights Zee Jay brings to the table include:

  • Need for speed. To respond to client requests quickly, Account Managers and Project Managers need real-time access to information about resource availability across the agency. Zee Jay sets up the Adobe Workfront work management platform—and integrates the entire agency stack—to make it possible.
  • Need to manage operations, profitability. Zee Jay assesses hour types and role rates within Workfront to ensure hours are tracked in real time, and project estimates are generated using real-world data.
  • Need to integrate with ERP. The ability to tie Workfront to agencies’ financial systems of record is essential. The right flow of information between solutions, including billing and invoicing tasks within Workfront as part of client projects, is required to run the business well.
  • Need to include everyone in the tech ecosystem. Connecting teams and processes holistically brings clarity to what has historically been chaos. Account management, strategy, project management, creative, production, media, and analytics all need open communication, visibility, and transparency to keep work on track, and clients happy.
  • Need for customization. External agencies need custom approaches to ensure work management works within the organizational structure. An example: Zee Jay accommodated one client’s hybrid account management (AM) and project management (PM) function to optimize efficiency.

According to Rotkow, success in the agency marketplace comes down to two things: Knowing how agencies operate, and knowing how Adobe Workfront can support those unique operations.

About Zee Jay
Zee Jay Digital fuels an organization’s customer experience with aligned and agile operations, and a smart approach to process. The boutique digital ops advisory helps marketing, agency, creative, sales, and IT/PMO leaders orchestrate work across teams to better compete in the modern world. Adobe Workfront Partner of the Year in 2019 and 2020; one of more than 1,000 Adobe partners worldwide; a partner of Allocadia and Widen; founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance; and architect of Work Experience (WX™) Master Planning, Zee Jay enables clients to maximize benefit of the entire Adobe suite, as well as best-of-breed applications.

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