Zee Jay Digital Calibrates Offerings, Launches New Site

Boutique digital ops advisory helps influential brands compete in the modern world

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (May 24, 2021)—Zee Jay Digital today published insights online to help leaders of worldwide brands better structure, operate and compete in the digital age. The digital operations advisory firm announced the launch of its new website with a focus on marketing transformation thought leadership.

“A majority of companies today have a manufacturing mindset, with linear processes that perpetuate silos,”said Eric Rotkow, managing director and founder of Zee Jay. He noted that enterprise marketing, creative, sales and IT/PMO executives take various approaches to break down silos that keep organizations from keeping up with change.

“They may try agile transformation by brute force, which is expensive and risky. Or they may pursue other approaches like Six Sigma, which don’t address today’s challenges,” he said, referring to efforts often attempted to speed and scale the customer experience.

Rotkow and the rest of the Zee Jay consulting, implementation and integration team maintain the answer lies in enabling free flow of data and use of common applications across the enterprise. “Operations are converging to the extent that there are no clear boundaries between one (i.e. marketing) and the next (i.e. product management),” he said. “Responding in an iterative way in a style that recognizes the uniqueness of the organization as a whole is the right way to fuel the CX.”

“The blurring of lines between teams within an organization is something to be acknowledged,” Rotkow added. “An organization’s ability to manage this change and measure performance depends on its ability to share information and technology throughout the business.”

Zee Jay Digital encourages clients to break down silos in favor of customer engagement, with built-in flexibility to minimize disruption, recognizing the following:

  • Marketing is the driver of the customer experience.
  • New process and management approaches are needed to equip marketing leaders going forward.
  • Thoughtful design of the tech ecosystem is the only way to realize value from a complex martech ecosystem.
  • The ultra-connected consumers’ preferences are always right.

Additional thought-leadership insights include industry statistics driving the need for transformation of an organization’s operating model, organizational structure, operations and technology, including:

Zee Jay Digital fuels an organization’s customer experience with aligned and agile operations, and a smart approach to process. The boutique digital ops advisory helps marketing, creative, sales and IT/PMO leaders orchestrate work across teams to better compete in the modern world. A two-time Adobe Workfront Partner of the Year (2019 and 2020), Allocadia and Widen partner, and founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance, Zee Jay’s experience with Adobe Workfront and the Workfront Fusion integration platform enables clients to maximize benefit of the entire Adobe suite, as well as best-of-breed applications. Clients include Whole Foods + Amazon, John Hancock, Nike, TJX, Anheuser-Busch, UHS, AAA, Fresenius, Ledvance, Kroger, Big Lots, PerkinElmer, Bright Horizons, Talbots, Charles River, Giant Eagle and more.

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