Work Experience (WX) Master Planning™

Create Superior Experiences for Users Across the MarTech Stack

Companies can deliver personalized customer experiences at scale faster if the marketers’ work experience is optimized first.

For many of the world’s top marketing organizations and agencies, Adobe Workfront is the core application that "manages" work. But in reality, dozens of the more than 10,000 MarTech apps available today are what bring the work to the market. Companies often deploy these apps separately, without a master plan, creating process and data gaps that prevent efficient execution of marketing programs.

Zee Jay Digital’s Work Experience (WX) Master Planning for Adobe Workfront helps companies understand which applications in the MarTech stack to connect and when—to enable them to bring meter-moving programs to market faster.

What you will learn:

  • The difference between the Work Experience (WX) and the Employee Experience (EX)
  • Where your organization falls on the Work Management Maturity Model
  • The importance of anchoring all marketing activity to the work management solution and its fully integrated apps
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