Unifying Operations for a Cohesive Customer Experience

About this Solution Brief

Most marketers have a stack story: They’ve bought a solution within the context of an existing stack; are unable to connect the tools they have; and augment automation with manual tasks. Zee Jay Digital’s Solution Brief contains important information on how to overcome fragmentation and integrations to help assure your story takes a productive turn.

Today it’s more possible than ever to achieve the cohesive customer engagement your organization needs without complex integrations. With Workfront’s native integrations and the newly released Fusion platform, marketers can now unify their technology to deliver connected customer experiences at scale.

What you will learn:
  • How fragmented systems and siloed operating models splinter the customer experience.
  • How Workfront + Fusion connects 150+ enterprise marketing applications for a seamless process flow.
  • How to optimize your technology investments with an integrated Operational System of Record to enable marketing teams to connect with customers.

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