Solution Brief: Workfront Platform Right-Sized in Advance of Humanitarian Crisis

Spreading the word about important work needed to be done–and raising necessary funds—is key to one global organization's ability to provide essential health services around the world.

This organization partnered with Zee Jay to optimize use of the Adobe Workfront work management platform following recent organizational and technological changes, in the midst of challenges brought on by the pandemic—and corresponding with unrest in Ukraine.

A transformative organization transforms how marketing gets done

The organization teamed with Zee Jay consultants to enable them to get marketing done faster and better. Together, the non-profit and Zee Jay worked with internal and external web, email and digital advertising teams to optimize use of Adobe Workfront throughout the organization to achieve the following goals:

  • Unify work management with a single platform to improve operational effectiveness.
  • Reduce operational complexity while promoting common process at scale.
  • Improve transparency within and across development teams on all projects and statuses.
  • Boost resource capacity planning capabilities, utilization, and predictability.

This global health services organization has unique marketing challenges to address:

  • Multiple outside agencies and vendors involved. Teams needed greater ability to strategize, plan and collaborate with one another.
  • Need for speed. Time sensitive, proactive communications surrounding medical humanitarian efforts are required.
  • Digital communications falling behind. While print work was optimized, digital teams had yet to fully adopt the work management solution.
Adobe Workfront Optimization: It starts with a plan

Taking time upfront to define the overall user experience, integration points and process and data gaps—and making sense of them all—is a critical step toward achieving optimization. The end result? Enhanced ability to reach operational goals while making the work experience (and the beneficiary’s experience) as positive and productive as possible.

Hierarchy Establish a Campaign Hierarchy that provides visibility into the organization's campaigns
  • Institute a Campaigns Portfolio to both Evergreen and Agency planned Campaigns
  • Include Channel Projects to capture executions
User Structure Confirm/Revise User Structure
  • Enroll all users into the New Workfront Experience
  • Add/remove users
  • Confirm Access Levels, Job Roles, Teams, Groups
Requests Create queues for Ad-Hoc Requests and add Outlook plugin for easy transfer
  • Ad-Hoc Email Requests
  • Web Revisions
Templates Develop milestone-based Templates to support quick digital turnaround
  • General Digital Template for Advertising, Email and Web Campaign Projects
  • Other Internal Channel Project Templates, as needed
Reporting Build new Reports and Dashboards that support the new Hierarchy
  • Channel Calendar
  • Visibility into all Campaign Projects—Digital and Direct Mail
  • Audience-specific Dashboards
10-week program targeted newly organized team focused on content creation and development

More consistency, greater efficiency, better outcomes. It pays to re-evaluate an implementation periodically to assure optimal levels of benefit are maintained over time.

Before After
Limited use of custom forms, limiting reporting capabilities Extensive use of custom forms to capture data for reporting
Lack of visibility into planned work across channels Extensive visibility to active campaigns and audience-specific projects across channels
Milestone reporting not supported Recalibrated workflow supports milestone reporting
The Work Continues:

The Zee Jay team went the extra mile to help assure continuous engagement among its client's constituents using Adobe Workfront. From leaders to end-users, members of this emergency aid organization are able to better get the word out about the important work they do–and their need for support–via ongoing programs that keep their initiatives top-of-mind among all stakeholders.

Recommended Actions Participation Description
Build momentum by establishing an ongoing User Group to manage change. Leadership, System Admin, High Adoption/Super Users Defined regular cadence (monthly, quarterly), Ongoing communications plan
Host “Tips & Tricks” and “Lunch & Learn” sessions for continuous learning. System Admin, End Users Hold sessions weekly or monthly, Share Workfront best practices
Share Workfront updates, releases and new features across teams to keep team engaged. System Admin, High Adoption/Super Users Determine impact of changes on processes

About Zee Jay
Zee Jay Digital fuels an organization’s customer experience with aligned and agile operations, and a smart approach to process. The boutique digital ops advisory helps marketing, creative, sales and IT/PMO leaders orchestrate work across teams to better compete in the modern world. Adobe Workfront Partner of the Year in 2019 and 2020; Brandmaker, Allocadia and Widen partner; and founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance, Zee Jay’s experience enables clients to maximize benefit of the entire Adobe suite, as well as best-of-breed applications. Clients include DotDash Meredith, Kroger, Palo Alto Networks, Big Lots, PerkinElmer, Bright Horizons, Talbots, Charles River, Giant Eagle, Fiserv, Take 2 Interactive, Manulife, Nike, TJX, Anheuser-Busch, Fresenius, HD Supply, Lexmark, and more.

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