Mirren Agency CEO Summit 2017

The Summit for CEOs and Their Top Lieutenants Focused on Driving Agency Growth

Eric Rotkow addressed leading agency CEOs | November 7

In Attendance: Top executives charged with growing the agency participated in this session (which was not open to mid-level or junior attendees). Attendees included those at the CEO, President, Chairman or Managing Director level, along with department heads.

The session inspired the audience to put specific plans in place to modernize their organizations and drive their agencies forward.

Zee Jay was honored to speak again at this pre-eminent forum for agency leaders.

Session: How to compete in your clients’ new operating model

Summary: Marketing programming is far more complex than ever before for most agency clients, as they contend with digital transformation. Strategy development and campaign planning have become oriented to customer journeys and experiences; while activation has become an exercise in coordinating the mix of internal creative teams, external agencies and vendors, consulting firms, IT, MarTech/AdTech, and other resources for successful marketing.

In response, corporate marketing organizations are becoming more sophisticated and nuanced in how they select and plug-in external service providers into their organizations. They are designing new operating models and organizational structures that allow for fluid planning across functions and orchestration of work across internal and external teams, enhanced with a shift to agile and staff augmentation to fill critical gaps in talent.

For many external agencies, these changes have meant increasingly narrow and transactional client relationships, versus the platform-setting relationships of the past. However, with enhanced service models, agencies can dramatically align themselves to how clients are now organizing themselves amidst digital transformation, even embedding their team’s skills, expertise, and capabilities into client marketing operations.

This session detailed how leading brands are starting to think about the mix of internal and external service providers, and how mid-size agencies can adapt their service models to remain relevant, compete, and win. The session included:

  • What digital transformation trends impact agency service models.
  • Who mid-size agencies compete with in 2018, how competitors overlap, and which service gaps exist to exploit.
  • How clients are organizing themselves for digital transformation, and how agencies — and other service providers — fit in (or not!).


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