Marketing Operations Exchange NYC 2017

> Mayer Becker is Program Chair, and will also be moderating a panel discussion with marketing operations leaders | November 13 @ 3:10pm

> Eric Rotkow will be giving a talk to marketing operations leaders | November 13 @ 11:25am

Marketing operations is fast becoming an essential component of not only the marketing department but the enterprise. Yet, charged with such varied and disparate duties makes defining the role and problem-solving its challenges an ongoing difficulty. This challenge has given rise to the Marketing Operations Exchange - the forum to hear from leading experts and brands who will share the latest thinking and real world case studies that address your most pressing need.

Hear from industry leading experts with experience at brands like The New York Times, Vacasa, HH Global, Toshiba, IBM, Citrix, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Motorola, and more!

Zee Jay is honored to be a partner and speaker at this inaugural event.

Mayer's Session: Make Use of the Right Data for Better Decision Making and Marketing Effectiveness

Summary: Learn from seasoned marketing operations leaders about which information to collect and how to analyze it. Panel discussion topics include:

  • The rise of performance reporting -- capitalize on this new functionality to demonstrate the value of your marketing
  • How ready is your organization to implement data-driven decision making based on your data quantity, quality, the availability and control of your data and your maturity
  • Self-service reporting and the rise of dashboard software
  • Find out why your marketing operations needs a data strategy and how to best implement one
  • Ensure stakeholder buy-in so your team has access to the data it needs
  • Demonstrate that marketing is a revenue generator and is directly tied to sales
  • Develop a marketing measurement strategy and discover the types of measurements necessary to make better decisions
  • Paradigm shift -- marketing investment is portfolio building not merely transactional
  • Leverage KPIs and attribution data to double-down on the marketing efforts with the greatest ROI
  • Does your PMO live in marketing ops? If not, find out why it should!


Eric's Session: Marketing Operations’ Role in Digital Transformation

Summary: With the emphasis on customer journeys and experiences, marketing is at the center of change in most companies now more than ever. Marketing operations is uniquely positioned to help the CMO overcome long-standing barriers to change by attaching to the wave of digital transformation. Learn how Marketing Operations can unify marketing, sales, operations, and other functions and reorient the breadth of marketing’s tools, teams, and process for even the largest organizations to successfully change. The session will cover:

  • Steps marketing operations leaders can undertake to define new operating models
  • The new emphasis on the talent needed to activate marketing programming
  • Why agile is the critical element missing from previous efforts to transformation

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