Marketing, Meet Finance: The Role Finance Plays in a Successful Marketing Organization

Marketing's Got Questions, Marketing Finance Has Answers.

Marketing and finance have traditionally been at odds, it’s true. Those within the two disciplines think differently — and act accordingly. Flexible, fluid marketers are driven by ideas and intangibles, while explicit, exacting accountants are compelled by numbers and budgets (of course).

But those on both sides of the table are witnessing a shift occurring and are coming to mutual understanding. The burgeoning complexity of marketing has made the need for financial expertise in the marketing suite clear. Specialized finance professionals are increasingly sought out and welcomed to help marketing organizations gain spending visibility, manage costs and budgets — and prove value.

This eBook includes:
  • What’s Driving Marketing’s Accountability?
  • Why is Managing Marketing Financials More Important Than Ever?
  • Why Does Marketing Need Embedded Finance Skills?
  • How is Financial Know-how Defined?
  • What are the Challenges of Managing Marketing Financials?
  • How Firm is Your Marketing Financial Foundation?
  • What is the Role of Marketing Leaders and Individual Marketers?
  • What is the Role of Corporate Finance and Procurement in All This?
  • Where Does Marketing Finance Impact the Marketing Organization?
  • Why Should You Consider Learning More?

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