Introducing WX™ Master Planning for Adobe Workfront

Zee Jay Digital brings know-how needed to converge operational domains

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (March 3, 2022)—Zee Jay Digital today announced the introduction of Work Experience (WX™) Master Planning for Adobe Workfront clients. An iterative set of services, Zee Jay’s WX™ approach to integration ensures superior experiences for users across the marketing ecosystem.

“The tech landscape continues to change,” said Eric Rotkow, managing director and founder of Zee Jay Digital. “With more than 10,000 marketing apps now on the market, operations execs face challenges integrating the variety of applications designed to help marketers get work done efficiently and effectively.”

Interconnecting with other Adobe applications is the first and most natural place to define the optimal user experience. In addition, best-of-breed point solutions already in place—productivity tools O365 and BI apps; industry-specific tools e.g. Veeva; and enterprise applications, e.g. ERPS and HRIS—also need to be fully integrated within the solution architecture to maximize benefit.
“Adobe Workfront and Workfront Fusion is the de facto connective tissue to link all content creation and distribution across the enterprise,” Rotkow said.

Zee Jay Digital developed the overarching WX™ approach in response to clients’ need to integrate contextually. “Our consultants increasingly encountered over-engineered, standalone implementations that were causing frustration among client teams and negatively impacting productivity. We knew first-hand there was a better way to harness the power of Adobe Workfront,” Rotkow added, noting that WX™ was conceived within the context of the MarTech stack.

Zee Jay’s Work Experience (WX™) Master Planning defines overall user experience, integration points, and process and data gaps—and makes sense of them all. The result is ability to achieve business goals while making the user experience the best it can be.

The success of Zee Jay Digital’s WX™ depends on three actions:

  • Defining the marketing operating model. Based on the firm-level business model and desired customer experience, the marketing model answers key questions including: What’s marketing’s role in the company? How does marketing interact with adjacent functions (merchandising, sales, IT PMO, etc.)? Is marketing centralized or decentralized and why? What’s its geographical footprint? What standards and toolkits are used?
  • Taking an ecosystem view. Work needs to happen in a single system, and Adobe Workfront is therefore architected to be the central solution to orchestrate work across the enterprise. With a Workfront foundation established, upstream, concurrent and downstream systems seamlessly flow. Ecosystem categories include:
    • Content Management
    • DAM
    • Marketing Automation
    • Task Management
    • ERP/Financial Management
    • HRIS
    • Social Publishing
    • Productivity Tools
  • Using a persona-based approach. The ability to customize end-user views is a key Workfront benefit. Understanding the end user’s journey and how they need to interact with integrated technology, Zee Jay maps to Workfront Personas to activate personalized, scalable experiences. Collaborators, Planners, Workers and Administrators work in harmony when they see what they need, when they need it—depending on whether they request/review work; plan/action work; have specialized skills needed for particular work; and how their role impacts process.

“Zee Jay Digital is pleased to leverage Adobe Workfront and Workfront Fusion to manage marketing teams seamlessly—so they can deliver personalized customer experiences at scale, and better compete,” Rotkow said.

About Zee Jay
Zee Jay Digital fuels an organization’s customer experience with aligned and agile operations, and a smart approach to process. The boutique digital ops advisory helps marketing, creative, sales and IT/PMO leaders orchestrate work across teams to better compete in the modern world. Adobe Workfront Partner of the Year in 2019 and 2020, Allocadia and Widen partner, founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance, and architect of the Work Experience (WX™) Master Planning process, Zee Jay enables clients to maximize benefit of the entire Adobe suite, as well as best-of-breed applications. Clients include Whole Foods + Amazon, John Hancock, Nike, TJ Max, Anheuser-Busch, Universal Health Services (UHS), AAA of New England, Fresenius, Ledvance, Kroger, Big Lots, PerkinElmer, Bright Horizons, Talbots, Charles River, Giant Eagle and more.

WX and Work Experience are trademarks or services marks of Enterprise Marketing Services LLC d/b/a Zee Jay Digital.

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