The importance of an Agile, Talent-centered Operating Model: A CMO’s Guide to Transformation

About this eBook

Digital transformation is one hot topic that’s got everyone talking. While it’s the imperative of the day, many CMOs who’ve taken the plunge haven’t fared so well: 70% of transformation initiatives have failed to reach their goals.

Marketing leaders have not always been in the driver’s seat for digital transformation, but their reach across the organization and impact on the customer experience creates an opening to lead the charge. To stay competitive and unify customer engagement touchpoints, the ability to attract, and plug-in, top talent to a scalable and aligned operating model is key.

What you will learn:
  • Why many transformations fail to meet expectations.
  • The importance of incorporating Agile into your new marketing operationg model.
  • Why people—and not technology—should be your focus now.

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