How Kroger achieved super marketing capabilities by taking an aggressive and flexible approach to implementing Workfront—and transforming its 325-person marketing organization

About this case study

What’s it take to transform a large, multi-brand and cross-channel in-house marketing agency on time, despite a pandemic? Kroger has first-hand experience. The 2,800-store company took on an aggressive marketing transformation initiative in 2020. 

Rolling out early this year, the effort, undertaken in partnership with marketing consulting firm Zee Jay Digital, anticipates saving 35% of the team’s time spent in project management—time that will be redirected toward delivering more personalized customer experiences at scale.

What you will learn:
  • The importance of a strong in-house champion to marketing transformation.
  • Why a process design-first approach prior to touching technology is key.
  • Why an iterative, hands-on approach to system design methodology matters.
  • The benefits of Integrating adjacent solutions as part of the initial roll-out.

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