Zee Jay Digital Publishes Marketing Transformation eBook

Freedom Within a Framework: A CMO’s guide to the marketing operating model in the digital age released today

PROVIDENCE, RI (May 1, 2017)—Zee Jay Digital announced the publication of Freedom Within a Framework, a comprehensive whitepaper detailing how CMOs can create agile marketing environments needed to rapidly adapt to changes in customer behavior.

Written by Zee Jay Managing Director Eric Rotkow, the paper details how a marketing operating model—encompassing organizational design, process, technology and purposeful management—provides the framework required for organizations to keep pace with the marketplace.

“Creating a high-value customer experience is marketing’s new charter,” said Rotkow, a marketing consulting, martech and agency veteran who founded vendor-neutral Zee Jay in 2016. “To take on this greater responsibility, marketing must transform. Marketing leaders need to establish an overarching operating structure that gives the team the flexibility to quickly create the connections customers crave.”

The 27-page eBook was written as a guide to help corporate marketing and in-house agency leaders navigate high-speed change in today’s digital world. “Marketing needs the ability to capitalize on new opportunities instantly. At the same time they need a structure in place that assures their actions are coherent and consistent,” said Rotkow. This publication describes the importance of striking the balance between freedom and framework.

Included within the newly released eBook is a case study outlining how the CMO of a large global financial services company is elevating single-purpose content into broad multi-channel campaigns to improve the buyer experience and scale resources, as part of their marketing transformation.

Freedom Within a Framework is available to download now.

Readers of the newly released white paper will learn:

  • How to bring forward operational approaches that enable the convergence of new technology with rich, personalized customer interactions.
  • Why bolting on new marketing capabilities instead of taking a transformative approach to address changing needs ends up more expensive—and disruptive—in the long run.
  • How to find advisors best equipped to help marketing leaders instill the framework needed for agile operations.
  • How separate silos for advertising, merchandising, sales and store operations hinder integration necessary for a unified customer experience.
  • How to effectively connect marketing’s back-end—CRM, brand assets, project management, budgets—with marketing’s front end—marketing automation, web content management social listening, and other tools.
  • How a marketing operating model interacts with process, technology and organization to enable engagement—and marketing transformation.
About Zee Jay Digital

Zee Jay Digital is a marketing transformation company that works with marketing leaders to create agile operational environments that foster customer engagement. We are a boutique alternative to global digital consulting firms, offering extensive expertise, unparalleled flexibility and quick time-to-value. Corporate marketing organizations and in-house agencies count on Zee Jay to help them align technology, process and organizational structure needed to consistently deliver the rich and personalized experiences buyers demand.

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