Welcome Brian Brownrigg

Brian Brownrigg Joins Team as SVP, Platforms

We’re pleased to announce Brian Brownrigg has joined the Zee Jay Digital + MERGE team as senior vice president, platforms. Brian brings 20+ years of experience building highly tailored marketing operations solutions needed to better compete.

As SVP Brian works closely with clients to enhance marketing operations, optimize management of the marketing spend cycle, and bring visibility to marketing ROI. We look forward to leveraging Brian’s abilities to help those we serve deliver the maximum impact and flawless digital experiences their customers need.

Throughout his career, Brian has helped CMOs claim their rightful spot at the executive table. “My focus has long been optimizing marketing and proving its value to the enterprise, and it continues to be the driving force behind all my client relationships,” he said.

The newly brought-on-board Zee Jay Digital + MERGE team member maintains that to achieve marketing transformation, an organization must put honed business processes in place first. “It doesn’t work to just ‘pave the cow path,’” Brian said, referring to technology-first approaches other implementation partners use to address work management challenges.

Brian’s transformation advisory leadership skills support all firm service areas, including agencies, corporate marketing and in-house agencies, and technical services. He previously held leadership roles at Uptempo, Accenture Interactive, and MarketSphere Consulting, among others.

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